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Protecting your site means protecting your company and customer's data

Michael Brucal
Full stack developer, blockchain developer and steering the ship
Posted on July 20th, 2018

Importance of Cyber Security

Cyber security is essential for every business to maintain the integrity of data not being manipulated by an anonymous force outside the company domain. There are now lots of threats and vulnerability issues performed by hackers to penetrate cloud servers. And how can we prevent this if we don't have access to professionals who specialize on protecting your data. Hacking can go from simple issue of stolen or remove data up to the moment of breaching the content of your database and give it to illegal parties.


How to protect your servers

Maintaining and protecting servers in the technical level requires advance and strategic thinking to implement the right tools needed by companies. It should be security first in the ground up. Protecting point of access and allowing only authorized party is important. Using encrypted keys to access these servers are essentials. Giving permission to those who can be trusted with data.


How to protect your customers

On the customer end, protecting their data is essential that they are the only one who has access to their personal information. This can be implemented by adding additional authentication layer on the top of the exisitng login forms. Either using a two form authentication, sms code verification, call code verification, or even biometrics.